Day trip sailing boat Marseille


 Sailboat rental in Marseille and surroundings with skipper or


Sailing boat cruise in Marseille

Aperitif by sailboat at anchor in Malmousque/Marseille 

We determine your program together and we see together
in relation to duration and weather.
Rates: 250 euros

Sailing yacht charter Marseille with skipper or guide

You rent the boat privately!

Maximum 7 people

Sailing boat cruise in Marseille

Full day program:

trip sailing boat Marseille

Excursion, boat trip with guide in Marseille

First of all, let yourself be led by boat on a charming walk through


This messenger is the ideal sailboat for family sailing with friends, or for lovers because it is a good compromise between comfortable and sporty sailing… You can enjoy a « Kitsune » boat with a strong sensation, whether in bad weather or breezy weather.

Enjoy a sailboat trip/cruise in Marseille

A navigation among the jewels of the bay of Marseille (Côte bleue, Planier and some anchorages on the Corniche, Malmousques, pointe rouge, les Goudes). For example, we drop anchor in one of the creeks of the Frioul islands or the island of Riou if the wind allows it.

Forward for swimming (some masks are available). Farniente, aperitif, among other things, it’s free time!… Between friends or family, in love, consequently, come to live intense moments….

All this on a swift sail (a Selection 37 – 11,30 m – from 1987, series of the Sailing Tour de France which moves forward with little wind, but also surfing in the breeze. You can also take part in the boat’s manoeuvres (hoist and lower the sails for example, but also winch or steer the boat).

In fact, this steed is the ideal yacht for sailing with family, friends or even lovers, as it is a good compromise between comfortable and sporty sailing.
In short, you enjoy a boat with strong sensations for unforgettable moments.

Sailing boat cruise in Marseille

Sailing boat cruise in Marseille

Sailing boat cruise in Marseille